Job as Morning Newspaper Deliverer

Morning News Paper Deliverer

As morning deliverer you are up very early - around 3.00 AM. or 4.00 AM.
The products must be delivered before 7.00 AM. and you will receive the products either on a depot or at home.

Besides NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende you are also going to distribute other daily papers, union magazines, book parcels and letters. On your Delivery List you can see which addresses are going to receive what.

As deliverer at Det Nordjyske Mediehus your monthly salary can be everything between kr. 400,- and kr. 20.000,-. The amount depends on how many routes you have, how many papers you are distributing and how many days a week you are working.
The salary is transfered into your account the fourth weekday in the month. Besides the salary you are of course also earning holiday money. You find your paycheck in e-Boks.

Delivered at depot or home
Some deliverers receive the products at home so that they can begin the distribution directly from there. Others must pick up the products at one of our depots depending on the route and the distance to nearest depot.
For example we have a few deports in Aalborg and in smaller towns the deliverers typically receive the products at home.

As an employee at Det Nordjyske Mediehus you can get bike bags, reflective vest and stips-knife for free. Besides this you can also borrow a bike trailer by paying a deposit of kr. 600,-.