Commercial delivery, NejTak+

NejTak+ (NoThanks+) is a service to the households which have signed for the NejTak+ arrangement.
When a household signs for NejTak+ the household can choose which commercials they wish to receive even though they have signed for ”Nej Tak” (No Thanks).

The commercial sets for these households are special and to make it easy for you they are packed in plastic so they look different from the other sets. There are also addresses printed on the sets in plastic and they are packed in the bundle in your walking order. Therefore it is very important that you deliver to the exact which is printed on the set - even if the household does not have a Nej Tak-sticker on the mailbox.

If you have papers on your route you must distribute these as normal. Brown sticker on the mailbox must receive the weekly papers and blue sticker shall not receive anything - unless you have a NejTak+ for them.

It is only in the weekend that you have distribution to households with Nej Tak+.

Households which wish to sign for NejTak+ and therefore want to receive their own commercials must register here at