Discount deals


As a regular deliverer at NORDJYSKE Medier you have a number of advantages.
You can, among other things, get advantages and discounts at several of our collaborators.



  • Entrance to Aalborg Zoo to price of a child – regardless of your age
  • Entrance to Fårup Sommerland to kr. 160 – the discount does not apply for “Årskort”
  • Free entrance to Nordsøen Oceanarium


How to order tickets for attractions

You can order tickets by sending an e-mail to – please note which attraction you want a ticket for, your name, address and birthdate. We will send you the ticket by mail, so you can print it and show at the entrance so you get your discount.
If you want a ticket for use in a weekend, please send a mail on Fridays 12.00 at the latest.


Sports events

We have following number of tickets each time for theses sports events.

  • 15 Tickets to Aalborg Håndbold liga home matches
  • 20 Tickets to VFF liga home matches
  • 20 Tickes to AaB’s liga home matches


How to participate for tickets to sports events

Join the draw of 2 tickets to sports eventsby sending an e-mail to – please note which sports event you want a ticket for, your name, address and birthdate.
We will send an SMS to you, so you know when to participate in the draw.
Tickets will be send to you by post.
Remember to check out the website of the various sports club for further information.


Please NOTE
Tickets are for personal use only and can ONLY be used by the deliverer, who is employed at NORDJYSKE Medier. The barcode on the ticket is unique and can therefore only be used once.
The validity period of the ticket is one week from the day it is ordered and name documentation must be presented on request



As a deliverer jo also have access to KLUB NORDJYSKE, which is a benefit club for subscribers at NORDJYSKE Medier. Read more about this under the tab “KLUB NORDJYSKE” her on


NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende

As a deliverer at NORDJYSKE Medier you have the possibility to get  7 days or 3 days subscription on NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende with a 30% discount. The discount is given to you and your household, as long as you are employed at NORDJYSKE Medier.


Free guided tour at NORDJYSKE Medier

You can invite your class or a club for at guided tour around our exciting media house. The tour will take about 2 hours and can be booked by calling us on 99 35 35 35.

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