Discount deals

As a permanent deliverer at NORDJYSKE Medier you have several benifits. You can e.g. get special offers and discounts from several partners. For example:

  • Entrance to Aalborg Zoo for children price regardless of your age
  • Entrance to Fårup Sommerland at half price - the discount does not count "Season Pas"
  • Free entrance to Nordsøen Oceanarium
To get the discounts above you must print the vouchers there at the webshop.

NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende
As deliverer at NORDJYSKE Medier you can get a 7 days or 3 days FLX-subscription at NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende with 30 % discount. The discount is a offer to you and your household as long you are working at NORDJYSKE Medier.

NORDJYSKE Fordele (Benefits)
NORDJYSKE Fordele is not only for those who pay for receiving NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende, but also NORDJYSKE Distributions hardworking deliverers. As deliverer receive the full discount (GOLD member) at NORDJYSKE Fordele on e.g. holiday trips, events, concerts, lectures and much more.

To shop at NORDJYSKE Fordele you must send in the coupon in the paper and write 'Bud' and your employee number. It s also possible to shop if you show up at NORDJYSKE, Langagervej 1, Aalbørg Ø.. If you can not do some of these things you are always welcome to contact us at tel. 99353535 and then we will find a solution.

You can also visit NORDJYSKE Fordele at and see which offers you can take advantage of.

FREE guided tour at NORDJYSKE
You can invite your school class, football team or another group on a guided tour in our exciting media house. The event will last approximately 2 hours.

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