... is the loyality club for the subscribers of NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende

Did you know that as a deliverer at NORDJYSKE Medier you can also shop at GOLD-price at NORDJYSKE Fordele? That means discounts and exclusive access to special events.

Visit and find your tickets to the next concert or nice products for sports and leisure.

NOTE! Check the webshop at first, since there are extra discount for our deliverers on certain products which you might find here.

You can daily find good offers in NORDJYSKE Stiftstidende or check out the website since there are ongoing new offers all the time.

I you would like to buy one of the good offers you just send a mail to with information telling which products you would like to buy. You must include your deliverer employee number and credit card information ( card number, validity and security code). Then the tickets or products will be send directly to you.

Be aware that as a deliverer you are not receiving a Klub NORDJYSKE plastic card, but you still shop to GOLD price as listed above.